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JeanDeBrebeuf :: Jour 3

8 jours de suppléances à cette école ; 25 / CS


Période 1, 2, 3 + recupMidi ; CPEE : 3 hr ¾ + 1 hr


  1. It's the last day of class before exams, then vacations: we want them to want to come back after the Holidays, thus we want to serve them a pleasant, motivating, interesting, mind-boggling course.
  2. I don't think it'd be wise to give these three groups their marks for their writings on The Hunting Party, whereas the other groups would only get their results after Christmas: thus, I won't correct this week-end but will, during the holidays...
  3. Inspiration of Muses, what to do? I'd love to make them sing: I have a Beatles CD and DVD, LOVE; thus, I just spent ±9 hours on the Web, compiling the lyrics of the 26 songs in this Wiki: see BeatlesLOVE. From BeatlesLOVE 26 @djacent p@ges, I made a 16 pages Word file, from which, I printed 8 pages, recto verso; we should photocopy a class set of ± 40, Monday, 2007dec17.
  4. They all could sing together, in harmonies or not, throughout the whole class?
  5. Meanwhile, for each student, I could create an identity in "the Wiki Erato", the Muse of Musik, through the class computer, meanwhile the other students are busy singing?
    • Let's say 60 min. = 2 min. x 30 students.
    • That insures time to create an identity in the Wiki and to take note of UserName? and PassWord?.
    • That would insure both the teacher and the student know that data.
  6. However, maybe I should keep myself fully available to keeping up law, order and enthusiasm for the singing spree and invite your ±200 ESL students into a well prepared Wiki, the week after the holidays, if you see it useful that they to do so.

Groupe 47 :: Période 1 : 8h45 à 10h.


  1. Prepare DVD, blackboard, photocopies : 1 class set = 40 x 8 pages recto verso, 8½" x 11".
  2. Menu: December 18, 2007, GR 47.
    1. Today we listen, read and sing along
      • the 26 songs of the DVD LOVE, from the Beatles : it lasts 75 min. + 3
    2. At the bell, I start the DVD.
    3. You listen to the songs, read them in the booklet and sing along softly.
    4. If you choose not to sign, please listen and read!
    5. Successful Exams and Merry Christmas!
    6. ADVICE: BRING YOUR TEXT Dracula's Guest, by Bram Stoker, to Thursday's Exam!
  3. Establish contact with each student, by giving each of them the Song booklet.
    • through welcoming salutations with their first names, through Djeault's Class Plan...
  4. Present the blackboard, thus the period.
  5. Check absent students, with Djeault's Class Plan :-)
    • Enter the data into the System.


Before class, around 7h30, I created 40 booklets with a photocopier and a Music Teacheress' help; I should have given her one, especially she told me the Beatles are her favorite group. The booklet's design is clear, well spaced and plainly textual: it's just the Lyrics, the title, the author(s) and the number of the song on the DVD. Finally, since I also had the scattergorize option, all I wrote on the left of the blackboard is the date and not to forget their text Dracula's Guest for Thursday's exam; on the rest of the blackboard, I drew 12 horizontal lines, so as to enter the Scattergorize data, if chosen as activity.

This Sport concentration group is lovely ; I offered them both options, but they really loved the idea of the Beatles' DVD: they formed little groups or stayed at their place, like Renaud, for example, who followed attentively throughout the whole course and sang along in his head and with his lips; alternatively, I also let them revise, analyse their text Dracula's Guest; they did so with much concentration, even though the DVD's song and the singers' soft singing; one of them read a book. I would say it was a success.

Unforeseen, a student took on himself to change tracks, so as to play a loved Love song; I started taking requests; thus, the DVD didn't just play from end to the other. Nevertheless, it was easy for everyone to follow the songs, since the TV and the DVD indicate which song is playing and since the songs's numbers are all clearly indicated, in the booklet.

Groupe 45 :: Période 2 : 10h15 à 11h30.

Surprisingly, with this Music concentration group, since some of them already had played Scattergorize, they really liked that option: they formed five teams, I believe, and each team chose a team name; they played very enthusiastically; throughout class, the Beatles' DVD played softly while they'd find words or write them on the blackboard; of course, they could use their dictionnaries! I used my online stopwatch, see on DjoolS, and when the delay would expire, one team member came and wrote her, his team's words; we then counted each team's points and everyone was really taken by the game. Here again, I would say it was a success.

Recup du midi sur Dracula's Guest : de - midi à ± 12h50 +

Groupe 03 :: Période 3 : 13h00 à 14h15.

I announced an informal course; they chose the DVD: a dozen students or so followed attentively the DVD, most of them worked on Dracula's Guest; I watched so that the others whisper, in English; I had conversations in English individual students or small groups; for group 03, I'd say it was a success.

CPEE :: Période 4 : 14h30 à 15h45.

I didn't go to that meeting.

  1. CPEE : Comité de participation des enseignants et employés
  2. CPEE : avons reçu l'ordre du jour la semaine dernière.


  1. Période 1 : 8h45 à 10h
  2. Période 2 : 10h15 à 11h30
    • Récupération : de ± midi à la cloche de 12h50
  3. Période 3 : 13h00 à 14h15
  4. Période 4 : 14h30 à 15h45

Andrée Gaudreau is the caller contact for the JeanDeBrebeuf High School 525-8127 #5929

Andrée Gaudreault is the caller for the JeanDeBrebeuf High School 525-8127 #5929


Pour consulter l'@genda de Joseph Deneault,

@ller @ :
Pour lui écrire : m@il

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