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JeanDeBrebeuf :: Jour 2

7 jours de suppléances à cette école ; 24 / CS


Période 1 et 2 : 2 hr ½

Groupe 01 :: Période 1 : 8h45 à 10h.

Unfortunately, due to the snow storm and many missing or late students, it wouldn't have been possible to do the foreseen evaluation: I waited for a good 15-20 minutes before starting anything; therefore, we finally just watched the video, when this latter finally agreed to start :-) We barely had enough time to watch it all, but indeed, there was no time left to write up any summary, thus I didn't ask them to take notes while the DVD was playing.

  1. Turn on the computer and the DVD ; prepare the blackboard:
  2. Menu : 2007, December 17, Gr 01.
    1. We watch Lost, in SILENCE: the episode The Hunting Party;
    2. While watching, take notes, in English, on white sheets /your name in red.
    3. Write Summary INDIVIDUALLY: 100+ words, DOUBLE interline, on a lined sheet.
      • It counts on the Report card! (Bulletin)
    4. At the end of the period, turn in both sheets with your names in red
      • + your summary, at double interline, on a lined sheet.
    5. If you finish before, please stay silent, so others can concentrate.
    6. ADVICE: BRING YOUR TEXT Dracula's Guest, by Bram Stoker, to Thursday's Exam!
  3. Establish contact with each student,
    • through welcoming salutations with their first names, through Djeault's Class Plan...
    • and, on their desks, the two sheets with their name handwritten in red.
  4. Check absent students, with Djeault's Class Plan :-)
    • Enter the data into the System.
  5. Present the blackboard, thus the period.
  6. We watch Lost: students love it!
  7. They take notes, in English, during the episode.
  8. They reinvest their notes into a 100-word summary, at double interline, on a lined sheet;
  9. At the end of the period, they turn in their notes and their text.
    • If they finish before, they stay silent, so others can concentrate.
    • What could we prepare for them, to keep them busy ESLwise, although there really isn't much time left to the end of the period?

Groupe 04 :: Période 2 : 10h15 à 11h30.

  1. Same as period 01, we couldn't do as foreseen: half the students were missing. After the episode, I distributed conversation questions on Discrimination.

CPEE :: Période 3 : 13h00 à 14h15.

Période 4 : 14h30 à 15h45.

  1. Rien de prévu
  2. Libre !


  1. Période 1 : 8h45 à 10h
  2. Période 2 : 10h15 à 11h30
    • Récupération : de ± midi à la cloche de 12h50
  3. Période 3 : 13h00 à 14h15
  4. Période 4 : 14h30 à 15h45

Andrée Gaudreau is the caller contact for the JeanDeBrebeuf High School 525-8127 #5929

Andrée Gaudreault is the caller for the JeanDeBrebeuf High School 525-8127 #5929


Pour consulter l'@genda de Joseph Deneault,

@ller @ :
Pour lui écrire : m@il

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